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How to care for your Leather seats

By Jeanie & Marty Fox, May 29 2015 05:45PM

Like delicate skin, you should carefully clean leather before proper conditioning. As leather ages it loses essential protectants infused into the leather during the manufacturing. That leaves the leather susceptible to dirt, oils and UV damage. Keeping leather looking and feeling best, you must first clean it and then replace the lost moisture and protection.


If you’ve dark leather interior, I recommend cleaning 3-4 times a year. Light colored leather needs cleaning often, perhaps every other month taking notice how easily dirt’s exposed and how the leather’s worn. Between cleanings use a clean damp towel to wipe down the leather’s surface. This removes the dust and light dirt so it won’t have a chance to work into your leather. There are two primary reasons that cause leather to wear. The first is dirt and the second is oil from your skin. The oil from your skin is the most damaging to your leather. This is true if you wear shorts or a tank top, and have recently applied lotion or sunscreen to your skin. Good rule of thumb, wipe your leather down with mild cleaner once a month. Every couple of months, apply a high quality conditioner.


I recommend once every 45 to 60 days depending on the climate condition in which you live. Living in a humid climate, you don’t have to condition as often as someone who lives in a dryer climate. A cold, dry winter in the East can drain your leather of its moisture causing it to dry and crack just like a hot dry summer in the West. Apply Leather conditioners often, they aren’t expensive.

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