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Taking care of your Matte paint finish

By Jeanie & Marty Fox, May 29 2015 06:15PM

First let me start off by saying that we recommend Dr. Beasley’s for detail products to take care of your matte finishes on your vehicle. Every year we attend the SEMA show in Las Vegas. If you’re not familiar with ‘The SEMA Show’ is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, we came across Dr. Beasley’s Booth and loved their product. All of Their products are handcrafted in the USA, and they only use the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. They also make and bottle all products in small batches to ensure a high level of quality.

They do it best so here’s step by step instructions on how to wash your matte paint straight for Mr. Beasleys Blog.


How to Detail a Matte Car using the Matte Paint Prescription

Posted by Will MacNeil on 06.26.14

Matte, Paint, Detail, Matte Paint Prescription

Many of our customers buy our Matte Paint Prescription so that they have everything they need to take care of their matte vehicle. But once it arrives on their doorstep the question usually arises – “Now what?” While we tend to think that detailing a matte finished vehicle is easier than a glossy one, it’s still useful to have a step by step guide of what to do and when

So now that you have your Matte Paint Prescription, what do you do?

Step 1: Wash the Car with Matte Body Wash

This part is pretty simple. Matte Body Wash is used just like any other car wash soap. Use two buckets with grit guards, and dilute 2 capfuls (1 fl. oz.) of Matte Body Wash per gallon of water into one of the buckets. Generally, when using a bucket with a 5 gallon capacity, you’ll fill it with about 3 gallons of water. So you can expect to use about 3 oz of soap per wash. The other bucket will just have water for rinsing. The high foam formula will effectively lift and rinse dirt away from the surface to diminish any chance of scratching the surface.

Matte Body Wash is also compatible with foam guns for those who prefer to spray their soap on the car. Once, you’ve finished washing the car, rinse the car and leave it wet.

Step 2: Inspect the Car with the Matte Paint Cleanser

After the car is clean, while the car is still wet, grab your Matte Paint Cleanser and a microfiber towel. Matte Paint Cleanser is a spot cleaner designed for problem areas, so don’t just spray it all over the car. Walk around the car and see if there are any spots that remain after the car wash – things like sap, baked on bug guts, road tar, etc. Spray the Matte Paint Cleanser on that spot and allow it to dwell on the surface. Keep it saturated (you don’t want it to dry on the surface) and allow it to remain on the surface for 5-10 minutes. Then take the microfiber towel and wipe down the area.

This product breaks contaminants down chemically so that you don’t have to scrub and scuff the paint trying to remove it. Sometimes particularly stubborn contaminants will need another application. Most stubborn spots can be removed with 1-3 applications. This is the safest way to remove contaminants from the car. Once you’re done inspecting the car, rinse the car again and leave it wet.

Step 3. Apply the Matte Paint Sealant

Now that the car is clean and decontaminated it’s time to apply the sealant. Keep in mind that Matte Paint Sealant should only be applied to a wet surface because it needs the water to bond to the finish. So don’t dry the car after washing/spot cleaning. Apply 3-5 drops of the Matte Paint Sealant to one side of the applicator. Then, just as you would apply a wax to any other car, wipe the applicator on the surface. You can go in a circular pattern or go back and forth using straight lines, but usually it’s easier to get full coverage using circles. Because it’s a liquid sealant you don’t have to worry about creases or emblems, you can go right over them.

Matte Paint Sealant bonds instantly and you’ll notice the water begin to gel and bead up immediately as you cover the vehicle. Matte Paint Sealant should be applied panel by panel, meaning that once you’ve gotten full coverage on a panel (the hood, for instance) wipe up that panel immediately with a microfiber towel. Once the sealant has been wiped off the surface is clean, dry, and protected. Move on to the next panel.

Matte Paint Sealant is designed to leave an invisible barrier to refrain from altering the look in any way. It’ll last on the surface for 6-12 months depending on weather conditions so you’ll only have to do this step once or twice a year.

Now that the car is dry you’re done. Finish cleaning the windows, wheels, and interior as you wish. This is the end of cleaning your matte finish.

When to use Matte Final Finish

Do NOT spray Matte Final Finish all over the car after you’re done with the sealant. This product is designed to touch up light messes in between washes. My recommendation for is to keep this bottle in your car with a microfiber towel. You’ll find it much easier to clean up messes like fingerprints, bird droppings, and dust when you have Matte Final Finish on hand.

So that’s all one has to do to clean and detail a matte car or motorcycle. It’s quick and easy. You’ll notice that if you stick to a regular car wash regimen every 2-6 weeks, you won’t need to use the Matte Paint Cleanser as much and the Matte Paint Sealant isn’t required more than twice a year.

If you have any other questions or concerns, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below, e-mail us at myteam@drbeasleys.com or call us at 773-404-1600.

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